Just moved? Just arrived?
Or just visiting?

Create personalized welcome kits for newly relocated
individuals to help them adapt to their community.


Relocating is the third most stressful thing you will deal with in your lifetime, it can take three months up to a year for a new family to feel at home after moving. It's a time-consuming process even after the physical move, from setting up new utilities, discovering local amenities, finding a new doctor, and making new friends. Without a sense of belonging this can leave some residents feeling lonely and detached from their community. We hope to reduce this timeframe from move-in day one.

For first time homeowners, short-term renters, and newcomers we want them to feel welcomed, that someone empathizes with what they are going through. Dwellcome is an onboarding platform designed for community professionals and good neighbours to create personalized welcome kits for an individual/family and gift to them on their behalf.

Benefits for You

Welcome Gift / Closing Gift

Realtor? Landlord? Insurance Brokerage? Forget the bottle of wine, provide your clients with the tools and knowledge to adapt to their new community.

Competitive Advantage

Our platform provides an exclusive invite only community for your clients/guests and gives you a winning edge over your competition.


Want to welcome the new family on your street in an unique way? Maybe your neighbourly gesture will inspire them to do the same for the next family?


How it Works

Step 1
Location Dataset

By using the new resident's street address, we can determine their new neighbourhood and populate all the available datasets for that area.

*Datasets will differ based on neighbourhood. We are always updating and adding more.

Step 2
Personalize data for receipient

Nearby groceries, child care, schools, and shopping. You can choose based on entire categories, sub-categories, or a specific amenity. Each family will have different interests, or lifestyle needs.

Step 3
Your choice matters

We do not use star ratings for a reason, a new resident will appreciate suggestions you make for them if you recommend places you'd go yourself. Rather than just randomly picking anything, we encourage doing the research of what information might be beneficial for the new resident.

Step 4
Send Welcome Kit

Once you have chosen the amenities you want for that street address. You can choose a recipient to send it to via email (Alpha availability).

In some cases you won't have an email address if you are doing this for a random person. We will be implementing a physical printed version of the information and mailing it either to the resident or to you so you can gift it in person.
*Additional cost for shipping & printing.

What do new residents get in their welcome kits?

Recipients who receive your welcome kit invite both by email, or physically will have full access to Dwellcome's full online platform which includes:

Launching in Alpha

Nearby Amenities
Where to buy groceries? Schools?Doctor's accepting new patients?

Reminders & Home Tips
What day is Garbage Day?Tips for home maintenance.

Launching in Beta (Fall)

Local Events
What's happening locally? Where can I meet my neighbours?

Local Groups
What day is Garbage Day?Tips for home maintenance.

Beneficial Deals
Deals & discounts offered by local stores in your neighbourhood.

Ability to offer welcome kits inmultiple languages, beneficialfor ESL newcomers.

Want to know more?

If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to us at: info@dwellcome.io and we will be happy to answer your questions.

We have just launched our Alpha, please be patient with us as data may be temporarily missing or errors may occur. We are looking to work with early adopters, community groups, and strategic partners.